Want to Please Lady Luck?

There are four kinds of luck:

  1. Dumb Luck: This involves the right time and place but not any effort from your end. The probability of such luck is nominal.
  2. Action Luck: This is the output of consistent behaviour. It does not involve control and preparation from your end. For example, tossing a coin continuously.
  3. Planned Luck- In this case, your knowledge and preparation for an activity bring you luck. The probability of the outcome here is substantially high.
  4. Unique Luck: This takes ethics, value, and credibility into account. Your reputation and consistency will open up more avenues of opportunities, setting you up at the forefront of options because of your past deeds.

Three things to do to get luck in your favour:

  1. It is imperative to take action; you cannot do nothing. This drives your action luck.
  2. Knowledge, strategy, and reading are essential for gaining a perspective on everything. It increases your planned luck.
  3. Your quality, ethics, and value systems boost your unique luck.

The greatest of leaders always attribute their success to luck and value it. On the other hand, failed leaders continually blame luck when they meet with failure and pat their own backs when things work in their favour.


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