Rama Navami – My Thoughts

The occasion of Rama Navami reminded me to flip back the pages of Valmiki’s Ramayan translated into Hindi. Such amazing history and literature, and so much to learn from.

Go through my markings with patience and you will find so many self-help books in just two pages.

– Initiate conversation
-Learn from people, both senior and junior to you
-Always be compassionate towards subjects/ colleagues
-Be happy while working
-Don’t listen to unethical people
-Study across subjects and domains
-Actions should be taken at the right time
-Keep secrets, do not reveal everything
-Use emotions as a tool
-Know what to keep and what to discard
-Know the bad qualities of your circle and outsiders
-Never be Lazy
-Be a good speaker
-Presentability and personality is important
-Literature and sports – try to be all rounded
-You earn respect through your personality
-Consume & increase your lifestyle in the right proportion
-Do Not indulge but do not be a miser either
-Avoid feelings of jealousy and anger
Do not have contempt for anyone


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Rama Navami – My Thoughts
The occasion of Rama Navami reminded me to flip back the pages of Valmiki’s Ramayan translated into Hindi. Such...
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