Perseverance, Struggle, Hardwork and Hope – My Little Experience with All

“Cause I know how it feels, so yes, wait for your rewards” ~ Aswini Bajaj

As the pandemic continues to pose the near term challenges for the youth, expectations are most likely to meet the reality on the ground and there is more anxiety and nervousness among the students and even working professionals about placements, jobs and bonuses.

Aswini Bajaj, mentor and consultant, talks about his personal experiences and a journey through hardships that didn’t pay him early rewards.

“As a millennial myself, I understand that when you work so hard, you expect jobs and when you don’t get the return, you feel bad and discouraged. Even I expected my rewards after my CA final got over, but surely it didn’t turn out how I wanted it to be.”

It’s a hard time for every bread earner especially for those who’ve just begun their career and feel that there are a lot fewer opportunities. Things will take time before you reap the actual rewards.

“I would recommend all young people out there to just not give up. It took time for me to set up as well. You have to be firm on the ground and learn as much as you can. My learning curve is still steep and I still face cold responses to messages. But you have to remain patient and just keep going about it.”

“You will get your returns in peaks and valleys. How you prepare yourself in the valleys will determine when and how high a peak you are to achieve.”

Giving up in difficult times will not generate any new ray of hope, so it’s better that you build yourself during this phase and keep working hard for there is never a shortcut to real success.

Tune in to listen to this podcast to know those unexpected ups and downs in his life and what it requires to beat the initial days of wait, struggle, and rebuilding from scratch.


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