Lockdown-Induced Stress and How to Deal with it

During the pandemic, fear and stress had seized our minds. While we are still reeling under the repercussions, staying calm and positive is what will get us through this time.

Here are a few ways in which you can do that:

  • Reading the Gita: It gives insights, knowledge and also provides enormous life lessons which are useful in today’s tough times.
  • Try to live a simpler life and find available alternatives for things on your wish list.
  • Create a good margin of safety financially; it is better than living on the edge. The fear of losing more will reduce drastically.
  • Having a strong sense of self-confidence is the key to everything- this could be achieved by holistically developing your skills.
  • Having a strong value system and a disciplined life will help you stay calm and focused during these times which are still quite uncertain
  • Keep moving and keep growing. Sitting in one place for the whole day will end up creating more stress, instead, keep the work on, stay busy and keep learning. Get some movement in. The adrenaline rush is known to alleviate stress.


Sitting and binge-watching your favourite shows and still feeling stressed and depressed?

The main reason is movement, be it in physical terms or in terms of developing yourself.

Continuous growth and self-discipline are the two main factors to deal with COVID-19 stress and anxiety issues.


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