Don’t Buy the Wrong Dream

“You’re the sum total of the books you read and the people you surround yourself with.”

This is the era where we are susceptible to an outstanding amount of news material – and fighting fake news is a challenge. People are influenced easily by the attractive prospects circulated on social media and try to extrapolate outliers.

Sharing my thoughts on how to not buy the wrong dream:

  1. Do not take advice from the wrong set of people.
  2. Do not buy anything and everything that is being sold to you on an EMI. Only two kinds of borrowings that are acceptable are education and home loans. Do not fall for the concept of luxury that people hype up on the internet.
  3. Try to follow those people who push you to work harder, who push you to work more, who push you to do better. This is going to make you confident and avoid slipping into depression. Our emotional quotient should be very, very strong. Say NO to people who are pulling you down.
  4. Do I have the right reasons to start my own start-up? Do I have the idea? Do I have the talent and skills that I can capitalize on to become an entrepreneur? Ask yourself these questions.
  5. Do not try to impress people on social media.
  6. Don’t fall for people who sell you shortcuts and false dreams.

For a detailed description please find the video below!


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